VAPE DEALS Hot Air Popcorn Poppers – One More Option

While the popularity of popcorn it seems will never change, the methods of preparing this crunchy healthy treat has a few times over the decades. Of course, originally popcorn was prepared in commercial popcorn poppers in a basic pot or kettle with a small amount of oil in it. When microwave ovens appeared on the market, it was only a matter of time until someone figured out how to sell popcorn in sealed bags that could be popped in a microwave.

Possibly a Better Choice

Now it seems that the technology for selling popcorn commercially has gone one step further, with the development of hot air popcorn technology. However; is this a better way to pop popcorn, or is it just a commercial gimmick that is doomed to fizzle out? The truth is, that hot air popcorn poppers are no gimmick and they do have a lot to offer.

No Need for Messy Oil

They allow for instantaneous heat application to the popcorn kernels themselves, which has its benefits. For instance, it is the way that popcorn is quickly produced in individual portions in commercial popcorn vending machines. Also, it is safe for home applications because it eliminates any type of hot plate or pot, which makes it so much safer for kids to use. Also, because there is no pot, there is no messy oil involved.

More Convenient and Less Mess

No oil means lighter, crunchier popcorn that stays fresh longer and has fewer calories. No oil also means no greasy cleanup, or worries about spills either. No oil also eliminates the risk of fire or the danger of someone being accidentally burned by hot oil from a popcorn kettle. Besides, if someone likes the taste of oil on their popcorn they can simply add some butter flavored oil to their serving from a dispenser.

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