VAPE DEALS Summer Skin-kit for the PAX JUUL (JuulLabs) Vaping Device (Skin Only) – Retro Summer Pineapple v3

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Now, you’ll be able to separate yourself from your friends’ JUUL with our sweet new skin-line. With a JUUL Skin you can change the look of your case in seconds…literally. These are extremely easy to apply, and when you get tired of one design, just peel it off and slap a new one on it. Oh, and did I mention that the skin is waterproof as well? Our skinz are made from a premium vinyl that has a 3-4 year lifespan. Pretty cool, huh? It’s clean, it’s simple and that’s how it should be.Precision cut to fit the PAX JUUL (JuulLabs) Vaping Device.
Air-Release adhesive backing to prevent air-bubbles during application.
Dual-Layer Construction. Crystal clear lamination applied over graphic for extreme lifetime.
PAX JUUL Vapor Device, PODs, JUULpods, Chargers NOT INCLUDED.

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