Smoking, The Harmful Addiction

Smoking is a pleasure for most and status for others. Most smokers start as a one-time try, but a cigarette does not let anyone go out off its hands very easily. The body slowly gets addicted, and then it's very hard to quit. The addiction behind smoking is Nicotine, which is very addictive. Possible results of smoking are lung cancer, emphysema and many other chronic diseases, resulting in huge personal and medical expenses.

What do smokers benfit? First, they spend money on cigarettes and then on doctors, medication and medical visits. There are many ways to quit smoking such as patches, medicines, etc. However, the best way is self determination, will-power and motivational support from your friends and relatives.

Think of the hard-earned money that can be potentially wasted of cigarettes. Imagine spending that money for your child, parents or on yourself. What can a cigarette give to you? Can it really add to your life? In fact, the researcher has shown that there is a 29% chance for expecting mothers who smoke to give birth to babies with birth defects. It is our responsibility to ensure the health of those we love.

There are various ways to stop smoking such as daily exercises or simply involving yourself in various activities or hobbies. The main crux when trying to quit smoking is to not give up. Keep in mind that we only have one body and it's best to treat it with the utmost care. Do not give up! See yourself already there, quitting and breathing easier. Believe me, just give it a try and the day will not be far away when you would feel aroma of "success" rather than the smell of cigarettes.

It's never too late to quit. Many of us did not acquire the habit overnight and it is assured that our bodies will not stop craving nicotine after one day either. Take it step by step, day by day, and you will be amazed how this mindset can help and alter your body's chemistry in the painful addiction to nicotine. An old cliché says that Rome was not conquered in a day. The same in true with you're trying to stop smoking. It just takes time. Take action, stay motivated get active. Simply running for or walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day is enough help your body start ridding itself of the toxins in cigarettes.

Source by Will Twiner

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