Quitting Smoking and Menopause

Three years ago at the ripe old age of 47, I quit smoking and started through menopause. Wow, quitting smoking and menopause, what I combination that was! I had been thin all my life up until that point and all of a sudden I packed on 30 pounds. Gosh I did not gain that much weight through both my pregnancies, I was practically back to a size 6 by the time I left the hospital!

After doing some major research I realized that between quitting smoking and menopause I really did not stand a chance as far as the weight gain but that did not mean I had to live with it. After some soul searching I decided to do something about it.

For three years I tried every diet you could imagine … we will not name names but believe me you would recognize them … and none of them worked! Meanwhile my blood pressure and cholesterol was out the roof due to being overweight. My family doctor wanted to put me on blood pressure pills and cholesterol medication. Well I was determined to find another way.

What I did was find a good and healthy diet, started doing some cardio along with a few sit ups here and there – okay so the sit ups were not a lot of fun, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get healthy ! It truly changed my life! After quitting smoking and menopause I was really getting depressed that I would ever lose the weight and now that I have I am physically and emotionally healthy than ever!

Losing weight is never easy but if you set goals for yourself it will help. Figure out which diet plan works best for you and stick with it! And do not forget to exercise!

Source by Gena Elliott

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