How to Quit Smoking – Stop With Allen Carr?

Allen Carr (1934-2006) found a business called 'EasyWay' based on his own struggle to break his 100 a day habit. The success of his method led to the establishment of a network of 'clinics' in more than 30 countries around the world, which is clearly the largest global business dedicated to breaking addictions. This is a huge enterprise and has attracted a lot of attention … a quick web search in Yahoo for "Allen Carr" recently returned over ten million references. Go to any of the Allen Carr clinics and you may be helped to stop smoking by counseling and group sessions.

The 'EasyWay' method works by convincing you that you no longer need to smoke, that you're not giving anything up by quitting and that it is easy to quit once you have decided you can. Allen Carr's most useful analogy is that being a smoker is like wearing tight shoes all day, and that the pleasure derived from smoking a cigarette is like the relief of briefly taking off those tight shoes!

There is no doubt that the Allen Carr clinics have helped an awful number of people, and indeed an awesome number of people have passed through their doors. He has some impressive celebrity endorsements including Richard Branson and Anthony Hopkins.

The EasyWay business claims a high success rate, (over 95%!) Which appears to be based on the number of people who, having done the courses, do not return to demand their money back. It is very hard to tell how many of the ones who do not return have remained on the wagon and to judge the real success rate. This has been the topic of much discussion on such websites as "Wikipedia." Allen Carr died in 2006 from lung cancer, but his business continues to expand, both geographically and in the scope of addictions that are prepared to treat.

Is it for you? There are many books including 'The Only Way To Stop Smoking Permanently,' Allen Carr's Easyweigh To Lose Weight, ',' How To Stop Your Child Smoking, 'and' The Easy Way To Enjoy Flying. ' There are also videos, audio programs and CD-Roms. But the only book you really need is 'Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking.' This was the first, and most successful, of his books and contains all you need to know about the EasyWay method.

Source by Drew Charleson

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