Best Natural Ways to Stop Smoking

There's an endless line of products out there to help someone stop smoking. Drugs and chemical products line the drug store shelves, which is a testament to the popularity of quick and easy supplements. These products may be compelling, but what smokers sometimes miss out are natural ways of quitting smoking.

Here are some of the popular natural methods that one can take to combat the addiction.

Herbal Methods

St. John's Wort is an herbal supplement that is an anti-depressant. However, the medical community is finding that this herb can do more than help depression. In fact, recent preliminary studies suggest that the herb can aide smokers in lessening cravings. This alternative treatment is getting fast attention for those who want to stop smoking.

St. John's Wort works by increasing levels of dopamine in the brain – you can see why this is helpful for someone in depression. But smokers also lose dopamine levels after they quit. In fact, the loss may increase craving and even depression. This treatment will work effectively right when someone quits smoking.

With St. John's Wort, the former smoker can now find a way to naturally combat the cravings in pill or powder form.


One of the problems of smoking cessation programs is that they often do not deal with the addiction problem. Some programs focus on providing you with a replacement to the effects of nicotine, such as the nicotine patch. It's no wonder that some smokers do not find a way to psychologically eliminate their cravings.

Hypnotherapy provides a psychological approach to combat smoking addictions. The process centers on suggesting the subconscious mind to not submit to nicotine addiction. By relaxing the hypnotherapy patient to an alternate state, the therapist has a gateway to instill a message to stay away from cigarettes and avoid any psychological dependencies. Most commonly, the hypnotherapy patient relaxes on a comfortable chair or sofa so that he or she could relax the mind. Sometimes music is added to help the patient to fall deeper to the subconscious mind.

Cold Turkey

"Cold Turkey" is possibly the most well known natural way of quitting smoking. The procedure is quite straightforward since it involves quitting without any aid or help from other products. If you have a strong will power, cold turkey can be a good way to naturally stop the addiction.

Unfortunately, this method may be the toughest since there's no gradual reduction in smoking, just an abrupt cessation of smoking. Smokers are challenged to resist without any help from drugs or psychological means. By doing so, there are ways to avert your desires and withdrawal effects. Drinking plenty of water helps your body to release some harmful smoking remnants. In the first few days the withdrawals are the worst primarily due to toxins remaining in the system. It's best to use every method available to combat the harsh effects of the first few days.

When one get cravings, a person can find substitutes to smoking such as drinking juice, or converting your attention to something else. Sometimes being extremely busy might make it impossible to find the time to smoke. These applications will all depend on one's will to stop smoking.

There are many more natural methods to stop smoking. These three mentioned are the most popular natural practices to cease the smoking habit. Natural ways to help someone to stop smoking may not be for everyone. But these methods give smokers more options to find ways to quit smoking.

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