Smoking – Quit Now Before It's Too Late!

First and foremost, every one of us should know smoking is bad. The reason why you're here is probably because you are a smoker and wants to quit or you are a smoker and why you still do not see the reason to quit smoking. Whatever the reason, let's list down the negative impact of smoking. Smoking affects your health. You know it bring harm than benefits to our health do not you? You know that cigarettes make your teeth yellow, but are you really aware of the damage it can cause to your gums? You know that you can get a few more wrinkles by smoking, but do you know that a sixty-year-old smoker has the body of someone older than him / her seven years? These negative impacts are therefore worth discussing about.

Now, you know about the health effects smoking can bring to us. So are you feeling a little scared and is considering to quit smoking? Here are more reasons why you should quit smoking and that's for you-the smoker who does not want to quit.

Look at the hidden cost of smoking

By smoking, you pay through your nose for your habit. First, think about how much you spend each week on tobacco. Do a quick calculation and you will discover the staggering sum that you've been handing over to the shops and indirectly, tobacco barons and taxman since you started smoking. Beside, there are many other indirect ways smoking hits your pocket. For instance, life insurance companies offer smokers a higher premium or offer non-smokers a discount. So, it all boils down to the same thing in the end: puffers pay more.

Another hidden cost would be the dry-cleaning bills that you paid for dry-cleaning services. This is because your clothes have to be washed or dry cleaned more often when you smoke than when you do not. Many cover up costs like peppermints, air fresheners are some other hidden cost of smoking.

These concrete examples only take you to the foothills of what your addiction actually costs. Think about this. If time is money, think about all the time you've wasted while taking the time to leave your office and have a cigarette break. Think about the bad impression that you give to your boss and any other people. You might have just gotten passed over for a vital promotion as you save your boss the impression that you are always popping out for a cigarette break. You would not want to miss out the promotion that could change your life would you?

Now, here's a little idea for you. Sit down and have a pen and paper with you. Have someone who really knows you near you and work out the real cost of smoking together. You should be honest, taking in account as many hidden costs of smoking as possible. After which, you would have arrived at a monthly or yearly total. Then what you can do now is visualize what you would use this sum of money for instead.

There you have a list of things you could do instead of smoking. Amazing is not it? Smoking is expensive, and most importantly, it damages your health. So why are you still smoking? Think about the positive effect of quitting and start quitting now!

Source by Anne Mirphy

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